Saturday, April 7, 2012

Christian Dictionary: Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager

  1. the conclusion that it's best to believe Jesus loves you so he doesn't fuck your shit up.
  2. apologetic technique everyone thinks they invented.
  3. popular method used to trick God into believing you're a true Christian.

Update 7/19/2012. I'm going to start dedicating this page to all the people who invoke this silly wager at me or in my direction.

Dedicated to…

  1. Candi Brewer McGehee, 7/19/2012.
  2. Deborah Belden, 7/21/2012.
  3. Name Witheld (private message to me), 8/28/2012.
  4. Jonathan Simon, 9/19/2012. (Someone else called him an ignorant fool.)
  5. Neil Alexander, 9/24/2012. Neil was particularly colorful, and he had a nice way of not pushing his personal beliefs on me.