Thursday, January 12, 2012

Donate to Scholarship Fund for Jessica Ahlquist

What's this all about? See Hemant Mehta's post at The Friendly Atheist.

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Don't let the graphic fool you
I'm not the one raising or holding the money.

Hemant set up a trust fund:

I spoke with Roy Speckhardt at the American Humanist Association to see if they would consider holding onto the money in a trust fund (as part of the Humanist Foundation of the AHA) and he gave me an enthusiastic “Yes.”

Let’s show Jessica that we appreciate what she’s done and let’s encourage other students to do the same thing.

Update 1/20/2012
Now you can buy a nifty Evil Little Shirt and a portion of the money goes to the scholarship fund.

Evil Little Thing T-Shirt for Jessica Ahlquist Fund