Monday, November 12, 2012

Republican Plan to Woo Blacks and Latinos: Ignore the Black Part

Poor Republicans. I think I'm already seeing a disturbing pattern. I hope they prove me wrong, but here it is…

First, fresh from their election spanking, many among the Republican leadership appear to finally get it, and they sound like they really want to own up to their image among blacks and Latinos, and they're ready to address their live-or-die need to improve that image.

Second, they self-righteously (but, so far, still pretty awkwardly) talk about their quick-react plan regarding Latinos. They boast about real immigration reform and they boast about their willingness to admit that, yes indeed, there are hard working, productive Latinos. And they're ready to provide hard working, productive Latinos (with squeaky clean records) magic work cards that can't be fraudulently used (implying, of course, that immigrants would fucking abuse them if they fucking could abuse them).

(Note to Republicans: Not all Latinos in America are illegal immigrants. A whole bunch of them are Americans.)

Third, nothing.

Notice anything?

What happened to the black part? Where's the Republican soul-searching regarding their failings with the black community? Where's that quick-react plan? Why aren't Republicans patting themselves on the back and boasting "Hey! We get it now! Just like real…er…other Americans, black people only want a fair shot!"

(By the way Republicans, all Americans deserve equal opportunities. And equal opportunities should lead to equal outcomes.)

I'm afraid that, in the back of their minds, Republicans think their only problem with black Americans is that they voted for Obama because he's black. It had nothing to do with issues. Nothing you can do about that. You just have to wait it out.

Does anyone know what percentage of the black vote Allen West got?

So anyway… Latinos, keep an eye on Republicans and their attitude toward blacks, the black community, and black interests and issues. It could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

I heard Lindsay Graham talking about requiring English proficiency tests.
I thought he meant for immigrants, but now I'm not so sure.