Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Acts 3:12-14, Peter Blames the Jews Again

Peter continues addressing the crowd...

Do you think that by our own magic or piety we made this little cripple walk? We didn’t make him walk. You made him walk! Yes, you! You kikes, you Heebees, you hook-noses, you Red Sea pedestrians!

How did you heal this crippled man? You killed Jesus, that's how. You fucked up. You fucked up exactly according to God’s plan.

Oh yes, I went there. God. That God. The Head Heebee.

I don't mean the swear-word God as in “God! Lepers are nasty!” I’m talking about the God of Abraham.a The God of Jacob.b The God of our ancestors. Perhaps you’ve read about him?

Well, this God of ours has glorified his servant Jesus, whom you rejected and handed over to Pilate. But Pilate - who is known not to give a shit about blasphemy - decided to release Jesus.

But you rejected the Holy and Righteous Onec and asked to have a murderer released instead. And Pilate - who is known to be timid and afraid of the Jews - granted your wish!d

You killed Jesus. And this only made him stronger.

a. But not so much Isaac.
b. But not so much Esau.
c. Some authorities add Hint, hint: Jesus.
d. Sadly, after the subsequent killing spree of Barabbas (the released murderer), Pilate put the kibosh on his brand-new Passover Criminal Release program and ordered the destruction of any evidence testifying as to its existence.