Monday, September 12, 2011

Place your résumés on the altar!

I command allll the evil mispelings, allll the comic sans fonts, and allll the hobbies sections be removed from these résumés, in the name of Jay-Zus!!

Church résumés on altar

Uh…place résumés on the "alter"?

Heeyal this CNN post !!

What? It was a Catholic church? Ohhhh...

OK then, just bring up your résumé unless you're on birth control, divorced, living with someone you're not married to, married to someone who's not Catholic, haven't been confirmed, used a condom, masterbate, ate meat last Friday, made an improper confession, or haven't read all of the Pope's spiffy web site.

At least it might make some people actually prepare their résumés.